Step 1

Upload Your Database

Begin by simply uploading your database to our platform. Make sure you have a clean CSV file with all of your contacts by source so you can upload them right into your marketing hub!

upload database
upload database
connect lead generation

Step 2

Connect Your Lead Generation Sources

If you have lead generation sources from software services like Zillow, Zbuyer or Realtor.Com, we want to make sure they are synced directly to your marketing hub!

connect lead generation

Step 3

Apply Your Custom REN Marketing Campaigns

Make sure to set up some of our pre-built software campaigns for prospecting new leads through speed to lead strategies and automate your follow up!

custom marketing campaigns
custom marketing campaigns
record your content

Step 4

Record Your Content

Now that your automation is set up, you’re going to want to record your first introduction video that will be blasted out to your entire database!

record your content

Step 5

Distribute Content Via Multi-Channel Marketing

Once your video is recorded and uploaded into your marketing hub and remarketing technology software, you can distribute it through video email, video text and social media ads!

multi channel marketing
multi channel marketing
call engaging leads

Step 6

Call Engaging Leads

Your leads from lead generation are now interacting with your marketing content. Be sure to call through your recent contact activity each day as these are warmed up conversations!

call engaging leads

Step 7

Join Group Coaching & Implementation Workshops

Make sure you login to your dashboard and have access to all of our tools like Business Video School, Remarketing powered by Witly and our Sales & Marketing Academy! It is imperative to join in on our live implementation workshops to learn new real estate lead conversion techniques and strategies!

group coaching and workshops
group coaching and workshops


Automate your follow-up, distribute video content and close more deals with our training…

  • Custom Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Unlimited Support
lead conversion tools

Put Your Growth On Autopilot


What Our Clients Are Saying

"The Real Estate Nexus sales and marketing training is superior because it gives me the exact pathway to take action and get immediate results. In the few short months of using this system I generated $600,000 in listing sales. They helped me put together campaigns that hit all of the marks. I immediately spoke with over 30 people the first time I sent out one of the campaigns that we had trained on. I’m talking $600,000 in sales and I never even picked up the phone to cold call!"

Benjamin Lang

"I became involved with this platform in 2019 after I attended their live event. I really like the presentation and the seminar showing what they have to offer. I signed up for their online classes, regularly attended their group coaching, and watched the recordings. This platform has been very helpful; the coaching sessions are targeted to my personal business needs and focused on getting me to the next level through marketing and sales. I recommend this to all real estate agents and I look forward to interacting with them on the platform!"

Dee Lipovscak

"If you're a realtor and you're looking for the magic pill - it turns out it's just all hard work...but if you're looking for a platform that has not only the guidance and scripts, but also the tools you need to bring your business to the next level, this is it! This platform has already worked for me in the two short months since I’ve joined. I’ve expanded my business and sphere of influence, as well as brought my team closer together. I’ve seen immediate results since using this platform!"

Donnie Bennett

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