Increase real estate lead conversion ratios

Using REN artifical intelligence (A.I.) marketing automation, a custom marketing plan, and inside sales agents you can:


Consolidate & Enhance Your Database

There is gold in your database! REN’s A.I. technology consolidates your database into one area. It does an automatic process to look at all of your data for emails, cell phone numbers, and addresses. This is for old, new, offline and online leads that come in. The software services then start using behavioral analytics to help you identify who is likely to be moving in your database. Then you will know exactly who to prospect and market to.

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Convert Real Estate Leads Into Appointments

Leverage REN’s CRM and Marketing Hub to set up your power dialer. This includes sending automated text messages, custom email marketing campaigns, video enhanced text message prospecting campaigns and more! All of this just for you to be converting real estate leads into appointments. Sync your CRM to the Marketing Hub for streamlined communication from our system to yours. Or simply use our CRM powered by LionDesk which is the #1 rated CRM in 2021. Also leverage a certified marketing coordinator to help you manage your database.

Generate Leads

Generate More Buyer & Seller Lead Generation

Want to grow your database? Leverage our REN GEO to pull data in from the biggest data providers in the country and set up custom marketing campaigns to convert data into more listing opportunities. This is a must-have for most real estate agents and teams. Leverage Google LSA, Google PPC, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to generate leads. We manage all campaigns and help you optimize your ad spend to generate the most leads possible.

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Speed To Lead

Not getting to your new real estate leads fast enough? Let REN’s A.I. powered digital ISA contact leads through text messages instantly. And then continue to follow up for 6 months. REN software will even book an appointment with you in your calendar if the propspect turns out to be one of your many qualified leads. See analytics at your fingertips so you know what the REN portal is doing for you.


Inside Sales Agents & Outbound Prospecting

We know the real estate market! Let us help you hire, train and coach an ISA from the Philippines or the USA. This ISA will make phone calls through you to make initial contact. Then watch your calendar fill up with appointments! We are the only company in the world that can leverage training an inside sales team with automation, a digital ISA and a full-time outbound calling specialist all in one account.

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Social Media and Branding

Social Media Marketing is essential but time consuming. We can develop and post social media content 3-5 times a week on multiple platforms for you. This helps you build a strong social media presence and get more Facebook leads for example. You should be getting internet leads with social media frequently!


Coaching and Consulting

Gain access to the #1 group coaching and consulting platform in the country with over 100 top influencers, coaches and agents. They will walk you through new real estate leads, lead generation, lead follow up, lead conversion training, social media marketing, business growth, affiliate services, powerful software and team building strategies.

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integrated partners

Industry leading features

Seamless Integrations With 100+ Tools

Over 20 industry-leading real estate business applications to help you grow your business through our Zoho partnership program included with every package. Start to increase your real estate lead conversion ratios today!

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Join 2,000+ success stories of ren customers!

"The Real Estate Nexus sales and marketing training is superior because it gives me the exact pathway to take action and get immediate results. In the few short months of using this system I generated $600,000 in listing sales. They helped me put together campaigns that hit all of the marks. I immediately spoke with over 30 people the first time I sent out one of the campaigns that we had trained on. I’m talking $600,000 in sales and I never even picked up the phone to cold call!"

Benjamin Lang

"I became involved with this platform in 2019 after I attended their live event. I really like the presentation and the seminar showing what they have to offer. I signed up for their online classes, regularly attended their group coaching, and watched the recordings. This platform has been very helpful; the coaching sessions are targeted to my personal business needs and focused on getting me to the next level through marketing and sales. I recommend this to all real estate agents and I look forward to interacting with them on the platform!"

Dee Lipovscak

"If you're a realtor and you're looking for the magic pill - it turns out it's just all hard work...but if you're looking for a platform that has not only the guidance and scripts, but also the tools you need to bring your business to the next level, this is it! This platform has already worked for me in the two short months since I’ve joined. I’ve expanded my business and sphere of influence, as well as brought my team closer together. I’ve seen immediate results since using this platform!"

Donnie Bennett

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