REN: Your lead conversion sidekick

REN helps top agents and loan officers leverage marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and their Inside Sales Agents to increase lead conversion rates and generate new listing opportunities.

..Ideal for teams, agents, and loan officers looking to scale to 200 or more transactions a year.

What is REN?

REN is a platform that uses artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and inside sales agents to help agents convert idle leads in their database. It also helps generate new listing opportunities in geographic areas that an agent wants to expand.

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The Problem

Problem #1

Agents lose out on deals every month because of the low conversion rates they get on new leads and untouched leads in their database.

Problem #2

As an agent’s database grows over time,  the conversion problem compounds resulting in millions of dollars in lost sales and listing opportunities.

The Solution

Lead generation real estate

Listing Opportunities

REN will identify hot listings opportunities in your existing database and geographical areas and alert you about who to prospect and follow up with.  This is not your average “predictive analytics.” REN uses machine learning, behavioral tracking, and big data analytics to come up with a “ready to move score” and automatically updates the score daily.

lead conversion real estate

Lead Conversion

REN uses a combination of marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and inside sales teams, to convert leads into opportunities. The technology also identifies hot leads in key geographic areas. REN’s artificial intelligence tracks the behavior of your database leads to notify you when they’re expected to buy or sell a home.  The automated system reaches out to those hot leads through email, text, proactively starting a conversation to convert them into a booked appointment on your calendar or keep them engaged as a strong follow-up opportunity.

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Sales & Marketing Support

REN support staff is made up of a group of highly trained sales and marketing experts to assist you with the execution of the custom plan to attract more listings and make sure you’re maximizing the tools and technology to scale your business. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly training to teams with a focus on prospecting, lead conversion, marketing, and business growth strategies.

The big promise

The result is that agents generate more listings opportunities, convert more leads into clients faster, position their business to own the listing inventory in the market, and develop a successful business, while still having the freedom to do what’s important to them.


Amanda H. got her first $1.4M listing within her first month!

Will this program work for you?

“The leads I get are fresh leads that I’m able to work myself and not compete with a lot of other agents. Your SOI can only take you so far…The lead information I get from RAP Success Systems is accurate and good!”
– Bill Urasky

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