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Written by Erin E.

November 10, 2020

In this edition of Marketing Secrets Today, we’ll share strategies for generating more listings and becoming a dominant listing agent in your area.  We’re passionate about this topic because you have a path to success despite the listing inventory crisis. You don’t have to get burnt out working with just buyers. There are a lot of agents who like working with buyers. That’s totally cool. But, if you’re feeling burnt out with buyers and want to become a strong listing agent, then read on.

This series focuses on key strategies for becoming a dominant listing agent. Our content exclusively focuses on helping agents make the transition from working with buyers to working with sellers. If you’re already on the listing side of the business, we want to help you become the dominant listing agent in your market.

We love what we do and have had a lot of success at it. Our team has been fortunate to work with some fantastic top producers, many of whom have hit the Wall Street Journal’s Top 250 List. And I’m proud to have played a small part in positioning them as the dominant listing agent in their market. 

Our strategies are not easy. If they were easy, everyone would do it right. So, if you haven’t done it before, becoming a listing agent is not easy. And becoming the dominant listing agent in your market is even more challenging. But the good news is that there are simple strategies that you can implement that will give you the momentum needed to get there. 

Let’s use a specific example of one of our clients, named Terri Bias. When Terri first came on board with our team, she was doing good business. She was hovering around 100+ transactions, but her goal was to work more on the listing side. After we developed the game plan for her to do that, she started averaging five to seven additional listings a month. As you can imagine, that completely improved her bottom line. Terri started even got more buyer leads off of the extra listings.  She put herself in a position to get more leverage and recruit and attract more agents to her team. With the right game plan in place, a lot of awesome things happen. Terri Bias is just one of many examples. 

Amanda Hardesty is another example. Amanda primarily worked with builders, but she wasn’t generating a lot of listings outside of that. We set up the same game plan that I’m sharing with you in our video series. Amanda ended up generating an additional $100k in gross commission. 

With the right game plan in place, a lot of impressive things happen. Terri and Amanda are just two of many examples. Increase your real estate lead conversion ratios with us today!

If you are burnt out and really need to get more listings, you’re not alone, so stay tuned, watch Becoming the Dominant Listing Agent – Part I to get immersed in the mindset of a listing agent.

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