How Nick Good Leveraged zBuyer Internet Leads to Grow His Business

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Written by Erin E.

October 12, 2021

Nick Good has been working in the real estate industry since 2005. Although it took him some time to perfect his lead generation and conversion strategies, he’s now consistently earning $7 to $10 million in commission per year. He was able to grow and scale his business to such incredible heights by leveraging internet leads and technology. Let’s take a closer look.

Work with zBuyer 

Nick Good attributes a lot of his success to his partnership with zBuyer. The leads generated by zBuyer are different in that people need to opt-in to the service. This allows real estate agents like Nick to know exactly where they are in the sales funnel, which means he’s not blindly calling and hoping that the person on the other end of the phone is interested in selling or buying: he knows they are.

“The lead is raising their hand. They’re saying they’re open to a cash offer, or at least would consider one. That means you know they’re in a selling cycle, or most likely going to be. If I’m going to spend my time prospecting, I want to make sure I can eliminate as many tire kickers as possible.”

The trick then is to figure out the seller or buyer’s motivation because that molds how Nick adjusts his scripts. To use the classic golf analogy, you’re always going to be using a club but the type of club you choose depends on the shot you want to make. The focus is always to get one foot in the door and find out as much as you can about the individual’s personal situation while also maintaining a comfortable rapport.

In fact, Nick has two ultimate goals when speaking with leads: to determine their motivation and, more importantly, to remain nurture-focused. All leads, whether generated by zBuyer or another source, are useless if your follow-up isn’t consistent.

Follow-Up System

Traditionally, follow-up involves figuring out the lead’s timeline and making sure you’re staying in contact with them so they:

  1. Remember who you are.
  2. Begin to feel more comfortable with you, which leads to trust.

Nick Good and his team refer to the first aspect as “naming the puppy.” When you name a stray puppy (or any kind of animal), you’re more likely to get attached to it. Nick achieves the same level of connection by sending out video text messages; this allows the lead to put a face to name. Beyond that, he sends a handwritten note detailing his background and history, as well as a CMA to keep the lead engaged. None of this stops when he sets an appointment.

“Even if you set the appointment, you need to go send that video message. You need to email them. You need to text them. You need to write them.” 

Leveraging Technology

All of these efforts can be supported and even automated through the use of technology. zBuyer assists in prospecting efforts, and tools like Homebot can provide an instantly engaging experience for a lead who might not be initially interested. 

“Sometimes, people think technology is there to replace their prospecting efforts. It will help you. It will give you leverage and it will do amazing things for you. But it’s the balance of you following up and leveraging technology. They’re not mutually exclusive.”

Nick and his team have been using zBuyer to generate internet leads since 2013, and clearly to great success. His dedication to follow-up — which is improved and made easier through the use of technology — has allowed The Good Home Team to grow in incredible ways. He is expecting to hit between $65 and $70 million in total contract volume sales for 2021.

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