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Written by Erin E.

November 17, 2021

Amy competed in the 7 Listings in 30 Days Challenge. She recognized how valuable Isaiah Colton’s trainings were when it came to managing both the sales and marketing side of the business and her database. As a self-professed ‘buyer’s agent,’ she wanted to expand her reach and grow beyond her comfort zone. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with Isaiah and Real Estate Nexus.

“I’m naturally more of a salesperson so tying all the systems together has been really important for me. I’m still working really hard on getting good at all of that but the team makes it really clear and they provide more tools than than you could ever want or need. The team is amazing! There are so many resources and everybody is really responsive. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to have an amazing ROI from all the effort that we’re putting in here. Although it may be uncomfortable at times, we’re focusing on learning new things and leveraging systems along the way.”

“I love that I can do everything in one place: text campaigns, video message campaigns, and email campaigns. I love that I’m getting to the place now where I can leverage the system properly with the marketing. I’m really doing everything in one system. An area that we struggle with as realtors is putting the systems in place — the sales and marketing, the CRM — in a consistent way so we can be committed to it in a consistent way. That means every day that we work, we’re doing sales and marketing and we’re leveraging our systems. There’s no better place to get really good at that than right here with this team. I am a highly satisfied Real Estate Nexus customer and I’m so excited about the Future You!”

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