As a real estate agent, your database is your biggest asset. It contains ALL of your leads, whether they were bought, generated from marketing campaigns, or a part of your sphere of influence. It goes without saying, then, that you should be marketing directly to your entire database! 


Unfortunately, it can be near impossible to create an effective database marketing plan if you don’t have the proper People, Processes, and Tools in place. Let’s take a look at a few steps you can follow to leverage your database, create a powerful brand, and build key partnerships that will generate referrals over time.

  1. Hyperfocus on the Client Experience: It isn’t enough to simply offer a service. You must provide a great experience while delivering your service.  Become obsessed with creating the best client experience possible!
  2. Create Your Top 100+ List: This is a list of influencers, close friends, and potential referral partners that can help you distribute content in your database email marketing, Facebook, Instagram plans, and more. 
  3. Create Facebook Stories: This should be a daily task and can be as simple as a “day-in-the-life-of” experience. The goal is to stay in front of your Facebook audience 5 days a week!
  4. Post Weekly Facebook/Instagram Live Videos: The same goal exists for Instagram! The more present you are (whether you’re talking about real estate stats, offering homebuying/selling tips and tricks, or simply talking about your personal life), the more your database will become familiar with your brand.
  5. Follow Your Content Creation Formula: Choose a topic and record a short video of you explaining or discussing that topic. Post the video on YouTube or a social media site, write a brief blog on the same topic, and blast the content to your database via text and database email marketing. Do this weekly!
  6. Send A Monthly Mailer: The 4 pieces of content you’ll be creating each month can be combined into a monthly newsletter and sent out to your subscribers.
  7. Develop a Personalized Touch Campaign: Ringless voicemail and database email marketing campaigns (or texts) should be sent out on every major holiday. If you have vendors, they may be able to help you set up multiple campaigns through automated processes.

When it comes to database marketing software, you’ll want something that can do it all: database email marketing, text, video messaging, postcard, Facebook remarketing, etc. The more you’re able to stay in touch with your SOI, past clients, and current leads, the higher your odds of setting an appointment, securing a listing, and successfully completing a transaction.

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