7 Strategies to Build and Grow Your Geographic Farm

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Written by Erin E.

September 30, 2022

Geographic farming is a marketing strategy that allows agents to target specific areas within their market. By honing in on a certain neighborhood or zip code, you’re able to hyperfocus your prospecting efforts; more people will learn your name and recognize your face, making conversion much easier as those leads begin to move through the sales process. Essentially, real estate geo farms help you build brand awareness, capture leads, generate listings, and build your referral database.

The benefits of having a geo farm are obvious, but getting them up and running (as well as staying consistent in your follow-up process) is easier said than done. In addition to the right technology, you’ll need a clear sales and marketing plan in place to make the most of your investment. Let’s take a look at 7 strategies you can use to build and grow your real estate geographic farm.

Purchasing Data

Just like internet leads, geo data can be purchased through a number of different companies. Real Estate Nexus offers a package that will not only provide geographic data, it will also rank your leads based on warmth; artificial intelligence is used to determine who is most likely to move in the neighborhood, allowing you to focus your efforts on the hottest leads.

Here’s how it works: you schedule a call with REN and let us know what type of zip codes or counties you’d like to include in your geo farm. Our artificial intelligence programs find current and accurate emails, phone numbers, and address, ensuring you don’t waste time and money marketing to dead leads. Then, we track behavioral patterns online that indicate when someone is likely to move; marriages, deaths, and job changes can all indicate that someone is looking to buy or sell their home. Finally, you’ll launch marketing campaigns designed to target those hot leads – we can even help you market those listings to generate new leads and referrals down the line!

Just Listed/Just Sold Flyers & Postcards

This strategy can help you dominate neighborhoods, sell houses faster, and generate new listings. At a base level, the idea is to spread the word about your work; if you send out postcards to everyone in your neighborhood or zip code regarding a house that just went on the market, you’ll build brand recognition. If you send flyers about a house you just sold, you’ll be telling everyone in your market that you can get the job done. When properly executed, postcards and flyers convey information about your skill: how fast you can sell, how much you can get, and how effective and successful you are as an agent.

Seasonal Content and Market Updates

Many homeowners are interested in the current market situation. Even if they aren’t planning to buy or sell within the next 3-5 years, providing them access to up-to-date information on their local neighborhood is a good way to build trust in your ability to understand the industry. These leads might take the longest to convert, but they should absolutely be included in your geo farm.

Seasonal content performs a similar, yet much more casual role. By sending out holiday themed postcards and flyers, homeowners will become familiar with your face and name. This distinction can have the same effect over time by building a friendly rapport; when they decide they want to sell their home or buy a new one, they just might think of the Christmas cards and Halloween costumes sent by the local agent in their neighborhood. 

For Sale By Owners & Expireds

If you’re willing to take the time to implement a comprehensive follow-up plan, FSBOs and Expireds are a great way to grow your real estate geo farm. Both start with understanding the psychology of the lead; FSBOs are usually trying to save money by avoiding commission and Expireds are on a time crunch (although all situations vary). 

Focus your follow-up plan on providing value, showing that you care, and helping them through the experience as best as you can. With the proper follow-up plan in place, you should be able to see an additional 5-7 listings per month outside of your farm.

Open Houses

All businesses require networking. Open houses provide the perfect opportunity for you to meet and chat with local homeowners. Even better, they give you a chance to show off how effective your marketing can be; by leveraging direct-to-voicemail, text messages, and postcards, and social media ad campaigns, you’ll prove that you’re the best agent in the area. If visitors aren’t in the market right now, you can provide a valuable experience that they may recall down the road – even if it’s several years away. 

Email, Text Message, and Direct-to-Voicemail Campaigns

Email is an inexpensive and effective marketing strategy. As of 2019, there were over 3.8 billion email users throughout the world, and the number has undoubtedly increased. Email campaigns allow you to reach out to your geo farm quickly and affordably; it absolutely should be incorporated as a part of your just listed/just sold campaigns.

Did you know that 8 in 10 Americans don’t answer their phone if they don’t recognize the number? Text message and direct-to-voicemail campaigns can circumvent this issue – especially if you’re using video. As long as you’re making sure that your leads have opted into receiving text and voicemail communications, these campaigns are two of the most effective you can have in your sales and marketing plan – in fact, they are a must.

Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

Just Listed/Just Sold campaigns are essential to generating new leads. Advertise open houses – as well as any details regarding the speediness of any sales and their final prices – to your geo farm on Facebook to build brand awareness and get your name out there. Facebook alone had nearly 3 billion users as of July 2022; by actively targeting those users within your region, you’ll be generating new leads in the background of your business.

It’s important to remember that you want to add value throughout these campaigns! Remember that your goal is to help the client buy or sell a home. If you focus too hard on salesly language or are too focused on your commission, you’ll lose a lot of business to your competitors. 

The Bottom Line

Geo farms can make a huge difference when it comes lead generation and conversion. When properly established, they’ll allow you to grow your database and SOI with just a few simple strategies. They’re called farms for a reason; the longer you tend to your clients and nurture your leads (no matter how cold), the more likely you are to harvest the fruits of your labor. 

REN 360 can help you create all the marketing content you need to feed your farm – and more! Our comprehensive monthly marketing calendars provide you with social media content, graphics, blogs, newsletters, postcards, flyers, and anything else you might want to send out to your local market. Sign up for your free trial today to see how your business can grow with a real estate geo farm.

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