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Convert Leads With The Real Estate Nexus Products

We have it all from lead conversion tools, automated bots, reputation management, custom print design and more!

4 Popular Packages:

REN Real Nexus Pro

This Package Includes:


  • REN Lead Scoring
  • REN Geo Leads
  • REN API Sync
  • REN Data Detox

Real Database Pro

This Package Includes:


  • REN Lead Scoring
  • REN Geo Leads
  • REN API Sync
  • REN Data Detox
  • REN Real Insider Pro

Lead Generation Pro

This Package Includes:


  • REN Lead Scoring
  • REN Geo Leads
  • REN API Sync
  • REN Data Detox
  • REN Real Insider Pro
  • REN Facebook Bot

Lead Conversion Pro

This Package Includes:


  • REN Lead Scoring
  • REN Geo Leads
  • REN API Sync
  • REN Data Detox
  • REN Real Insider Pro
  • REN Facebook Bot
  • REN Text Bot
  • REN Direct-To-Voicemail

Individual Products:


REN Real Insider Pro

Insider secrets of top real estate agents.

REN Agent Dominator: Postcard Automation

Automated “just sold” postcard service.

REN Data Detox

REN will detox and consolidate your database.


Premium real estate CRM and marketing software.

REN Facebook Bot

REN Facebook artificial intelligence (AI) bot.


REN will connect various database sources and CRM’S into our centralized database nexus.

REN Text Bot

Interactive texting bot that converses with prospects, warming them up before letting you take over and convert.


Real estate MLS data.

REN LandVoice

Real estate MLS data.

REN SiteGlue AI Pro

AI (artificial intelligence) powered live chat + business text messaging for your website.

REN Task Manager

Grow revenue by providing visibility, review and social media services to your clients from one scalable interface.

REN Reputation Pro

Monitor and manage your online reputation.

REN Professional WordPress Website

Professional design, copy, and SEO built for you by experts with unlimited standard changes.

REN Product Based Google Ads For Small Businesses

Increase sales with product based ads. Your next new customer is searching online for the products you sell, so be sure they can find you.

REN Overtok Calls Conversion

Allow high-intent customers to call directly from your website and keep them engaged longer with call-to-action offers before and after the call.

REN Online Appointment Booking

Bring the functionalities that consumers are expecting from businesses.

REN Listing Claim

Fully managed manual claiming of any one site, such as Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, and more.

REN Listing Builder

Kick start your online presence and convert leads!

REN Instant Website with Facebook Sync

Create a beautiful, one-click website from a Facebook page, in just a few seconds.

REN Customer Voice

Turn customer experiences into stars.

REN Custom Brochure Design

Creative, professional tri-fold or bi-fold brochure design.

REN CrankWheel Screen Sharing

Easy to use screen sharing tailor-made for salespeople. Ideal to add to an ongoing call.

REN Constant Contact

Everything you need to create professional emails that drive real results for your business.

Analyze Data To Convert Leads

We’ve helped thousands of top real estate agents and loan officers leverage marketing automation with artificial intelligence. Their inside sales agents will increase lead conversion rates and generate new listing opportunities much more frequently.

Our products are ideal for teams, agents, and loan officers looking to scale to 200+ transactions per year. Increase your real estate lead conversion ratio today!

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Build Stronger Relationships With Customers

Our platform uses artificial intelligence and marketing automation which helps inside sales agents convert idle leads in their database. It also helps generate new listing opportunities in geographic areas that an agent wants to expand on.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Agents lose out on deals every month because of the low conversion rates they get on new leads and untouched leads in their database. As an agent’s database grows over time,  the conversion problem compounds resulting in millions of dollars in lost sales and listing opportunities. Convert more leads with our real estate agent products!

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“The leads I get are fresh leads that I’m able to work myself and not compete with a lot of other agents. Your SOI can only take you so far…The lead information I get from RAP Success Systems is accurate and good!"

Bill Urasky
Real Estate Agent

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