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Welcome to our RedX vendor review. Learn more about RedX, the services they offer, and the value they can provide to you and your business.

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redx review

The REDX Review

REDX is a software vendor company that provides real estate agents with the highest quality homeowner lead data through its Vortex® prospecting platform. This resource empowers agents to acquire and manage new clients while developing sustainable growth and reliable business strategies. Enjoy this Redx review!

In real estate, having inaccurate or missing contact information for leads is commonplace for agents. It is frustrating for agents when all they’re looking for is the information they need to introduce themselves and how they can be of service to home sellers and buyers. With REDX, agents can get the most accurate information available to make more contacts with leads that convert to appointments. REDX is a powerful tool that helps agents get home or cell phone numbers to reach at least one decision-maker in the household. Prospecting in real estate is a pure numbers game, so having accurate contact information can help push them over the top of their goals. If agents who’ve used the system had to choose only one productivity tool, REDX would be their choice, hands down.

One Of The Biggest Names In The Industry

Some agents have paused REDX accounts after being lured by promises of a silver bullet or the next great thing. However, they almost always end up coming back to the tried and true REDX platform to shore up their Expired and FSBO lead pipeline. After nearly two decades in the business, REDX knows their customers and the industries they serve well – REDX meets customers where they are, where they want to be and helps them get there. So it’s no wonder REDX is the industry leader. The REDX live customer support team is impressive. They are always willing to go above and beyond to remove obstacles and help their customers succeed. In addition, the support team takes the time to educate new customers on all options available on the REDX platform. Agents will tell you themselves that REDX is second to none. Their knowledgeable, professional, and experienced team makes prospecting easier.

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Agents prefer the simplicity, quality, and high return on investment of REDX over other options. It’s a no-brainer once you look at the benefits provided versus the cost of service in this redx review. REDX gives your business a competitive advantage over other listing agents going after the same leads. There are not a lot of agents using prospecting technology. So those who do, are ahead of the game from start to finish. Agents with REDX technology as a resource have a solid list to prospect every day, more phone numbers and email addresses, higher data accuracy (40-50% more accuracy than traditional lead sources).
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So, what does REDX offer?

  • Expired Leads – The most accurate data for new and old expired listings.
  • FSBO Leads – For Sale By Owner Leads 12-24 hours before any other service.
  • Geoleads™ – Hard-to-find contact information for any property or neighborhood.
  • FRBO Leads – Sell vacant properties and build your network of investors and landlords.
  • Pre-Foreclosure Leads – Work Pre-Foreclosure leads or use them to filter out unwanted distressed properties.

REDX has enhanced productivity tools to help agents set more listing appointments and increase prospecting efficiency.

  • Preview-Line Dialer – A simplified single-line dialer that makes your prospecting more efficient.
  • Power Dialer – Use the most powerful single-line dialer in the industry to make your prospecting calls.
  • Multi-Line Dialer – The power of single-line dialer times three… use up to three lines to make your prospecting calls.
  • Vortex® – Manage your REDX leads, past clients, and sphere of influence all in one place.

The success builds on itself like a flywheel. When the contact data is accurate, the more the agent prospects, the more success they have securing appointments with expired or canceled listings. REDX is an agent’s back-pocket tool to get that contact information quickly and accurately—while their competitors are doing things manually and working all day with limited results. REDX is like having another teammate by your side with the correct information you need when you need it.

To ensure your success with these tools, REDX developed transformative training and education, enabling agents of all skill levels to grow their businesses. And many more resources through their add-ons and upgrades.

For agents who are looking for quality leads, they give you more than just phone numbers as you’ve learned in our redx review. They connect you with homeowners who are actively looking to sell and the tools and resources to convert them into set appointments and closed deals.

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redx fsbo leads

Rated 5 out of 5
March 14, 2022

i have had quite a bit of luck with the fsbo leads at redx. their power dialer is pretty cool too!

Shana Owens

redx is ok

Rated 4 out of 5
March 7, 2022

i tried the redx free trial and it was ok. it was all pretty easy to use but i’ve had more useful tools.

Thomas McKeon

MY RedX Review

Rated 5 out of 5
March 2, 2022

I’ve been using RedX for about 6 months now and they’ve really improved my real estate sales! A+++++

Hoyt Kirkens